What is Aalto Finance?


Aalto Finance is a student organisation for finance-interested students at Aalto University.

We aim to connect our four key stakeholders: students, alumni, partner firms and the faculty of finance. We provide opportunities for finance-interested students to get to know each other, connect with the faculty, and develop networks with people working in the related industries. Additionally, we share top class job announcements and organise a wide range of events to help our partners find unique ways to interact with the students.

To stay up to date with the latest job openings and student events, we encourage you to follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn, and join our mailing list.

We operate within KY, the Association of Economics Students and AYY, Aalto University Student Union.

Our four main stakeholders


We offer students a highly active and supportive community for professional and personal development.

Aalto Finance opens the doors to the most exciting careers in various industries. Attending our events provides a chance for you to get to know relevant employers and other students in a relaxed atmosphere. Simultaneously, you will accelerate your career development and build a tremendous network for your future. 

Our student community is among the most active ones in the Nordics, with over 70 events annually and a supporting network connecting students across finance classes. This means active alumni relations, mentoring opportunities and many high-quality events like the legendary Poker Tournament, London Investment Banking Trip, and after-exam celebrations.


We enable personal access to the brightest talents in Aalto University School of Business.

We partner with the leading companies in the Nordics and internationally. Through our channels, you will get an outstanding reach for recruiting top students for intern and full-time positions. With our events, you can significantly enhance your employer brand and visibility among our students early on in their careers.

If you are interested in finding out more about the cooperation possibilities with Aalto Finance, please contact us via email through finance@ky.fi.


Aalto Finance cooperates actively with its alumni organisation Aalto Finance Alumni (AFA).

This way we ensure the active communication between current and former students. AFA develops and maintains the highly talented and vibrant community of Aalto University’s (former Helsinki School of Economics) finance alumni and friends worldwide.

The main focus of AFA is to maintain the sense of community even after graduation, by rekindling the connections between old friends and also making new, valuable contacts. Read more about AFA in the alumni section.


We ensure that the voice of students is heard and actively communicated to the Department of Finance.

The Department of Finance at Aalto University is the leading finance department in Finland. Together with the department, we organise several events for our students annually. By facilitating the discussion between the finance students and faculty, we ensure the students’ voice is heard inside the faculty.

Read more about the Department of Finance here.

The board of Aalto Finance


The board of Aalto Finance consists of ten board members that are supported by senior advisors from the previous boards of Aalto Finance.

The board is elected at the Annual General Meeting at the end of the calendar year for a term of office of one year at a time. All finance major students at Aalto University are eligible to apply to the board and vote in the Annual General Meeting. However, the services and activities we provide are intended for all Aalto University students who are interested in finance in general. Moreover, we highly encourage collaboration between students from different disciplines and warmly welcome everyone to participate in our events.

Juho Tuuliainen



Maaria Jaakkola

Vice President


Miro Lehmusmies



Akseli Ristola

Portfolio & Communications Manager


Matias Ventovuori

Alumni Relations Manager


Antti Kekkonen

Faculty Relations Manager


Camilla Komulainen

Brand & Content Manager


Nestori Lautanala

Board Member


Jalmari Kokkonen

Board Member


Ida Pulkkinen

Board Member


Aalto Finance is a student organisation for the finance-interested students at Aalto University. We bring together the top students and the leading companies.

Contact us: finance@ky.fi